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  • Aqualine Water Systems AQV Waterfilter (glass tank)
  • Aqualine Water Systems AQV Waterfilter (glass tank)
SOLD OUT! Back in stock beginning July. The Glass AQV 12 is a 4-in-1 water system that filters, mineralizes, vitalizes, and also makes the water basic (alkaline). In other things, crystal clear and healthy drinking water in an instant.


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Article number: BWG147
Availability: In stock
Delivery time: SOLD OUT - until 2015 not available
Brand: Aqualine Water Systems

The AQV is a 4-in-1 water system that filters, mineralizes, vitalizes and also makes water basic (alkaline). In other things, crystal clear and healthy drinking water in an instant.

The AQV (Aqua vital) is available for small and large households, practices and gyms (available in 5 liters, 10 liters or 12 liters), can be placed anywhere without power or a water connection, has excellent price/quality ratio and is of course free of harmful substances such as bpa and phthalates.

AQV Water Filter – The Benefits

  • Glass collection tank
    The water filter tank is made in a small craft glassworks in South Korea. The beautiful blue glass filters the UV light.
  • Excellent filtering
    Filters in-depth through ceramic filter and multi-step filter cartridge.
  • Basic (alkaline) or pH neutral
    With the loose pH ring you have the choice to increase the pH of the filtered water by 1 to 1.5 pH point to light basic water. If you do not use the ring, the water becomes pH neutral with a pH of around 7.3.
  • Convenience
    Without difficulty you make tap water delicious mineral water, never again lugging with water bottles. Can be placed anywhere (no power or water connection is required).
  • Savings
    Save on the high cost of bottled water and save the environment.
  • Excellent taste
    Because chlorine, drug residues, pesticides and other contamination have been effectively removed, nasty odours remain gone and minerals have been added to the water. Now you know what the taste of delicious fresh spring water is like.
  • Low maintenance
    Only once a year the filters are replaced and the mineral stones once every three years, further maintenance-free.

AQV Water Filter – Technology

Mineral spring water as we know it in the Netherlands is caused by rainwater slowly seeping through different soil layers. This filteres it, and absorbs important minerals and trace elements. Simply put, this water system simulates nature.

  • Nature
    AQV’s water technology mimics the water in nature to get water back to its original form.
  • Good filter quality
    AQV is demonstrably capable of filtering high-quality, including on GenX, chlorine, chloramine, medicines, hormomes, pesticides, chemicals, mercury and volatile organic compounds.
  • Increases the pH value of the water (makes basic/alkaline water)
    The pH ring increases the pH value of your drinking water slightly, which contributes to a healthy acid-base balance in your body. So you simply compensate for the acidifying influences of a typical modern diet and a modern lifestyle.
  • Mineralization
    The water is mineralized with various minerals that are naturally present in spring water.
  • Ionizing
    The water is saturated with electron-rich ions (ionizing the water) that help neutralize the free radicals in your body.
  • Magnetizing
    The tap magnet of 1,200 Gauss lets the water swirl like in a waterfall or stream, giving the water a hexagonal structure and being more absorbable by your cells.

AQV Water Filter – Maintenance

The AQV is very easy to maintain. Both filters are replaced annually and the mineral stones only every 3 years. In addition to replacing the filters, this 4-in-1 water system does not require maintenance.

    • Multi-step
      Replaced after 2,000 litres or after 1 year.
    • pH ring
      Replaced after 2,000 litres or after 1 year.
    • Ceramic filter
      Replaced after 2,000 litres or after 1 year
    • Mineral stones
      To be replaced after 3 years.

Concerns about bacteria formation in the water? There’s no need to! Because some of the stones are treated with colloidal silver, there is no bacterial effect in the water, so you always have fresh water.

Click here for a German test report of our filters.
Click here for a test report of GenX by the Free University of Amsterdam
Click here for an explanation of the GenX test
Click here for a photo report of the GenX test
Click here for a link on vitalising

Delivery includes:
AQV 5/12
Ceramic filter
Multi-step filter
pH ring (only with the alkaline version)
Plm. 750 g Elvan mineral stones
Plm. 250 gr silver impregnated Elvan mineral stones

Top (plastic) filling tank: 2 liter for the AQV5 - 4 liter for the AQV12
Lower (glass) storage tank: 5 liter for the AQV5 - 8 liter for the AQV12

Dimensions AQV5
Height: 18 inch | Diameter: 9 inch

Dimensions AQV12
High: 56 cm
Width: 32 cm
Depth: 32 cm
Weight: 6.2 kg

Plastic (ABS) – free of BPA, phthalate, odours, flavours or toxic substances
Glass – lead-free borosilicate glass

Country of origin
South Korea

2 years



5 stars based on 1 reviews
Angela Settekorn 12-01-2016 13:18

Ben geweldig blij met mijn AquaVit Waterfilter! Ik heb er lang naar moeten zoeken om een filter te vinden die alles doet wat ik wil: filteren, mineraliseren, alkaliseren en vitaliseren, maar het is gelukt. En dan nog zonder lastige aansluitingen aan mijn keukenkraan en voor een absoluut aanvaardbare prijs ook. Top, dank je!

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