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  • AromaLove Flower of Life Unisex aroma necklace 35  mm.
  • AromaLove Flower of Life Unisex aroma necklace 35  mm.
Featuring the beautiful Silver Flower of Life design in a 35 mm. design makes this aroma necklace both for women and men to wear. Put a drop of your favorite essential oil on the pad to fully enjoy the oil all day or night.


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Article number: BWA024
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Brand: AromaLove

These beautifully constructed, high quality lockets are specifically designed with ventilation holes to gently diffuse your favorite scent. These vents allow you to get the full effects of your aromatherapy oils throughout the day and night. Made of 100% surgical grade (316L) stainless steel with heavy locking magnets and a solid back, these lockets are built to last for everyday use without staining your skin or clothes.

Size of locket: 35mm diameter.

Color of locket: Silver

Featuring the beautiful Flower of Life design.

Included in this package:

1 x Silver Rope Chain Necklace (max length 24")
1 x Pendant locket
9 x Refill Pads in various colours (pictured)
1 x Faux PVC branded bag

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