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  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card
  • EMF Health Card EMF Health Card


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Brand: EMF Health Card

Proper protection against 5G

Since human bodies consist of 90 % water, our bodies usually act as protection against radiation from sources such as 5G. However, in the last 20 years, there has been an increase of unnatural radiation. Mostly from Wi-Fi, mobile networks, transmission towers, and many more. The Electrosmog sources generate harmful environments and they disrupt our natural protection against radiation. As a result, our natural defence system no longer functions and we become unbalanced. At Bliz Wellness you can buy a health card to protect yourself against 5G radiation.


What can be used for protection against 5G?

An EMF Health Card is an ideal form of protection against 5G. The technology this card is made of creates a harmonic electromagnetic field. This field is specifically tailored to the structure of the water in each organism, like human bodies. The EMF Health Card allows our bodies to recover and any effects from the radiation will, over time, be undone. Additionally, this card will restore your natural defence mechanism against radiation back to its original state. In short, if you are looking for protection against 5G, then this item could be the perfect solution for you. Find it in our wellness store! Add an extra layer of health and cleanliness to the air around you by investing in a petal diffuser. A diffuser will help cleanse and humidify the air around you. If you are interested in a portable aromatherapy experience, we recommend purchasing the roam diffuser!


Try out our EMF Health Card

The EMF Health Card is made of 100 % natural materials without electronics, so it offers a perfectly safe and healthy protection against harmful elements such as 5G. It also benefits your quality of sleep, increases your energy levels, and it helps dissipate feelings of stress. Are you looking for another device to monitor and alleviate your stress levels? Take a look at the HeartMath emWave 2. Do you want to create an even healthier life? Take a look at our healthier life section and find the supplements or tools that will change your life for the better. Feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected].



A range of three meters

The harmonic field that the EMF Health Card creates around you, has a range of three meters on both sides of the card. The closer you are to the card, the stronger the card works. So stay close for sufficient protection against radiation from 5G and such.


Use it as you wish

The card can be used according to your personal preference. You can decide whether you want to have it with you all day or just for several hours and which symbol, energising (the arrows) or calming (the loops), you want to use. You feel what your body needs and we advise you to point the desired effect towards your body.


Energetic water

When you put the card under or against a glass of water for a few minutes, the natural structures in the water recover.


Originates from the Netherlands

The EMF Health Card is developed and made in the Netherlands. Our team has combined medical, energetic, and physical knowledge with the scientific approach of a pharmaceutical researcher.


Automatically adjusts its strength

The EMF Health Card adjusts its strength based on the energy of the unnatural radiation. The higher the electrosmog, the harder the card works to neutralize any effects of the electrosmog.


Maintenance Free

The EMF Health Card does not contain any electronics and is therefore maintenance-free. Provided that the card is not physically damaged, it can last a lifetime.



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5 stars based on 1 reviews
David Bloch 15-08-2020 20:04

Deze kaart gebruiken Indra en ik al bijna een jaar, Liesbeth, en door een eenvoudige spiertest (met/zonder kaart, met/zonder smartphone erbij) zijn er verschillende relaties die meteen overgingen tot aanschaf.
(Anderen merken het verschil, maar net als velen nemen EMF’s niet serieus.)

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