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  • B-epic Allevi8 PRO relief patches powerstrips
  • B-epic Allevi8 PRO relief patches powerstrips
  • B-epic Allevi8 PRO relief patches powerstrips
The ALLEVI8 PRO patch will help you quickly soothe pain and eliminate discomfort. ALLEVI8 PRO has an analgesic effect and quickly relieves minor joint and muscle pain. ALLEVI8 Pain Relieving Touch Pads contain only natural ingredients. Buy your pack now.


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Brand: B-epic

The product (patch) ALLEVI8 PRO by B-Epic will help you quickly soothe pain and eliminate discomfort. ALLEVI8 PRO – Pain Relief Touch pads. ALLEVI8 PRO has an analgesic effect and quickly relieves minor joint and muscle pain. ALLEVI8 Pain Relieving Touch Pad is a high-tech patch created thanks to modern technologies that contain only natural ingredients. Get relief when you need it most.

The ALLEVI8 PRO is completely safe for health. Don’t let the pain hold you back any longer. Use the ALLEVI8 PRO patch by B-Epic to relieve stiffness and body pain. The healing ingredients in the soft material from which the ALLEVI8 PRO (patch) is made, after being applied to the skin area, quickly penetrate the skin and eliminate stress, soothe the nervous system, and promote relaxation and relieve pain. Don’t let the pain slow down your body by hindering your movements!

The natural ingredients in ALLEVI8 PRO support fast absorption of the active substance into the body through the skin (transdermal delivery) to relieve pain, soothe, and relieve stress. The uniqueness of Pain Relieving Touch Pads is in their advanced and correctly selected composition, designed to relieve quickly pain, syndromes and anesthetize the area of ​​the body on which Pain Relieving Touch Pads were attached.

All components and substances included in the product (patch) ALLEVI8 PRO interact and enhance each other’s actions. Patch can relieve minor and soothe severe joint pain. The B-Epic patch helps relieve muscle pain and promote relaxation. The patch works effectively and safely on the body for 10 hours. Each ALLEVI8 PRO pad acts on the painful area of ​​the body for 10 hours. ALLEVI8 PRO will help you forget about pain and discomfort if you need to move. ALLEVI8 PRO patches are not only great for minimizing pain and stiffness, they are also effective in relieving the daily fatigue of your muscles and joints.

What is ALLEVI8 PRO?

Dr. Minsoo Kim designed and created the ALLEVI8 PRO product. Thanks to the advanced formula and ALLEVI8 PRO technology, the adhesive patches redirect the body’s own heat and energy to the right areas. These are the exact areas of the body where pain and discomfort need to be eliminated. ALLEVI8 PRO is designed to relieve physical discomfort, pain and stress in a safe, natural and targeted way. ALLEVI8 PRO does not cause negative side effects that can sometimes occur during the use of products from other manufacturers, which may contain harmful toxic substances.

Biodegradable, plant-based patches are filled with beneficial mixtures of aromatic medicinal herbs. The medicinal composition of ALLEVI8 PRO patches uses Korean Red Ginseng, a medicinal plant very useful for health recovery. The plant is good at stimulating blood circulation, so that the blood circulates quickly. Circulation of blood accelerates the process of penetration and distribution of therapeutic components of the patch in the tissue and provides rapid analgesic effect.

The packaging of ALLEVI8 PRO is designed so that after opening the package, the product does not lose its properties and is preserved for a long time. Each version is only available for specific markets. ALLEVI8 and ALLEVI8 PRO pads do the same job and serve the same purpose of reducing pain. When you order an ALLEVI8 product, one of these versions will be available for your country’s market. Two versions of this product are available for some countries.

The advantages of transdermal delivery of ingredients included in B-Epic ALLEVI8

  • Fast action of the therapeutic composition of the product.
  • Stable level of active substance concentration in the blood.
  • Easy and convenient way to use the product yourself.
  • Ability to terminate quickly the process if necessary.
  • Reduces the loss of medicine in the body.

    Allevi8 PRO ingredients:

    1. Korean Red Ginseng
    2. Ginger
    3. Capsaicin

    10% discount for 5 packs with code AlleviPRO5

    Content: 15 patches

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are ill, you should always consult a physician.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
Elisabeth vdVliet 05-05-2023 17:36

Al enige keren kocht ik de anti-pijnpleisters bij Liesbeth van Bliz Wellness. Sinds kort heeft ze het merk ALLEVI8, dat is net zo goed als de vorige, maar een stuk goedkoper. Ik mocht ze testen en ook deze hebben zeker enorm geholpen mijn pijn te verlichten. Inmiddels heb ik ze weer besteld, gelukkig dat ze er zijn.

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